Tuesday, January 7, 2014

How to add Goggle Analytics to Blogger: Step-by-step instructions

Stage 1:     Create Google Analytics Tracking Id

1. Go to Google Analytics homepage: http://www.google.com/analytics/
  1. Sign-in using your Google User Id and Password.
  2. After that Sign Up page (Image below) will be displayed.
  1. Click on Sign Up and a New Account information page will pop-up next. By default we will be on Website page (A mobile App tracking option is also available in the next page)
  2. Next step is setting up account and letting GA know what to track.
  • To do this, add account name you want to track in account name field.
  • In the website name field enter Blog’s name and enter your blog’s URL in website URL fields.
  • Set-up Time zone according to your preference.
    6. Now go down to the end of page and click the blue tab named ‘Get Tracking Id '.
    7. Read and accept Terms and Conditions.
    8. This will give you tracking id and code. Without fail copy-paste this tracking Id and save it in a document to use it later.


Stage 2.      Next step is to add Tracking Id to your blog

  1. log-in to your blog and go to dashboard
  2. Go to post list and select settings from drop-down. Settings (Basic)
  3. In Basic setting page add tracking id in the field Tracking web property id.
  4. Save changes.

Stage 3.        Next step is adding Google analytics code into your blog’ HTML.

  1. Follow this path: Select Template from  the same drop-down menu , this will bring up template page of your blog. On template page click on Edit HTML
  2. This will take you to Blogspot HTML code page. On this HTML page look for and add below code right before tag starts (Only if it's not already there)
    Note: Newer version of blogspot already have analytics code in HTML, so there are high chances that code is already there. Check so that you don't duplicate it.
  1. Save Template
  2. Look for confirmation saying analytics is installed.
  3. Google Analytics will start collecting data after around 24 hours from installation

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