Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bye-Bye 2013, Welcome 2014...

Here ends my most awaited and loved Holidays. Holidays are like dessert for me, no matter how many I have, I still crave for them ;)

So I, obviously, am sad that holidays came to an end but I am also glad that I utilized this time to fullest. These days were spent vacationing with my family and friends, an exiting trip to spectacular Catalina Island followed by a get-together and potluck with friends in a big regional park. What a great fun it all was!

I can't believe one more year has come to an end. Although it has been a year full of events, it seems like it went by too fast. This calendar transition period is always filled with lots of retrospection about good and not-so-good events of last year, lessons learned, new memories made, hopes and resolutions and plans for upcoming year. Also, there is an irresistible desire to peek into future and see what coming year holds for me, my family, everyone around and associated with me. I think I am not alone in this wish to know future; it's just human nature, I guess.

As always, I have kick-started New Year with some resolutions, some career related and some personal. I don't want to put them here yet as they are still very vague, I need to properly out-line them in order to be clear what I want from this year. (Also, I am scared that it will be embarrassing if can't abide by any of them). One of them is reviving this blog, let's see if that happens.

So, with all these feelings and thoughts, let me bid goodbye to the year that has gone-by and greet New Year with a wish for the best!

Happy New Beginning!

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