Saturday, June 6, 2009

Experiencing Life with RBT's Poems

Rabindranath Tagore is an astonishing poet and India's priceless gift to the world literature.

Each poem equals a story. Each poem magnifies an emotion, a feeling and is so aptly interwoven into words that it feels like you are living that emotion; that story is yours; you are the character or emotion being talked about.

Human beings are most complex creatures when it comes to emotions and RBT's poems aptly exemplify all those emotions. It makes you assume diverse role as is narrated in the poem. Whenever I read his poems, I feel transition of time. Almost forget where or who I am and got lost in that world created by words.

Some of my personal favorites are ; A moment's indulgence, Let me not forget, Little of me, Brink of Eternity, Lost star and your questioning eyes, Are you a mere picture

Although I have always loved reading, I never considered poems can be my interest and that too verses by such a world-class poet always seemed a distant possibility. I always doubted whether I will be able to absorb these verses, it was only after I read one of his poetry in a friends' blog, I started getting crazy about them. Although I have just started exploring this beautiful world; wish could lose my breath in this deep ocean.

The journey continues......