Tuesday, February 1, 2011

At First Sight by Nicholas Spark: My Take

Plot of Book

This is story about true and everlasting love, which starts just at first sight and embrace you for rest of your life .At first sight starts at the point where two people had already fell in love and their life journey onwards. Jeremy and Lexie two center characters are in love with each other from the very first week they met and decide to tie a knot committing to spend their entire life with each other, feeling obsessed by their not-so-old love.

But as story unfolds you will find whether their love at first sight is strong enough to hold them together in various phases of life that often is like roller-coaster ride. Will this miraculous initial feeling of Love will always triumph over their experience of jealousy, pain, uncertainties and stress?

My take on book

Story has that typical Nicholas Spark feel and is written in simple and lucid language. I wouldn’t say book is a catch as although book has moments where I was carried away by emotions in writing but at other points I found myself yawning and has to resist urge to skip some pages.

I am not a great Nicholas Spark fan and if I compare my this book to my only other Spark read “ A walk to remember” I would definitely like to go for At First Sight, it being more mature and realistic than the other one.

So overall a feel good, comfy and easy read but don’t expect anything exceptional.

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