Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Piece of Spirituality

Recently, I came across a very beautiful article in Sunday Supplement of a Gujarati Newspaper. The article was actually about a spirituality teacher (This is how she likes herself to be called) Vimala Thaker. Whole article was fun to read but what left a lasting impression or touched me is opening lines of the article that presented some amazing thoughts of Vimala Thakar in her own words. Following are those beautiful and insightful lines.

Energy and bravery are prerequisites for living
But pain and cheerfulness collectively makes the life complete
The more sensitive you are, more you can live from depth of your existence
But vulnerable and unarmed to the perils offered by life
The more sensitive you are, more you have capacity to love
But more dejected you are, more depressed and more dismayed
Pain and grief are companions of love and sensitivity
Love and sorrow always goes hand in hand
So, if you are physically or mentally hurt
Then learn to live with it
Not by taking pity on yourself, being weak or living a burdened life
But because this is a part of your life
This is also an expression of life.

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